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Ambien Baby up next on NAFF Recordings

Montreal’s NAFF Recordings have announced their next record, ‘Mindkiss‘ from Ambien Baby, aka the collaborative project between D. Tiffany and NAP.

Ambien Baby is a small but growing project from the pair, previously landing on Ramzi’s FATi Records as well as NAP’s Isla, and D.Tiffany’s Planet Euphorique. With NAFF helmsmen Priori and Ex-Terrestrial’s links to both Ambien Babies, the connection to NAFF Recordings is a natural new habitat for the pair’s psychotropic, trance-state take on dance music.

‘Mindkiss’ is scheduled for release 2 October via NAFF Recordings. Order a copy through Bandcamp.


  1. Mindkiss
  2. Aventura ft. Priori
  3. T’Siento
  4. Cosquillas