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Premiere: Rebekah – Are You Worthy?

Following recent releases on Mord, Soma and Perc Trax, Rebekah returns to her own Elements imprint for ‘Ghost Stories‘, her first solo outing on the label since 2014’s ‘Serrated’.

Rebekah’s dark and energetic productions are at their finest here. The whole release is unequivocally instilled with the raw and relentless energy synonymous with techno.

Although a 4/4 rhythm is followed, the EP is a gleaming example of how the time signature doesn’t have to result in lifeless industrial cut-outs. Nuance lurks just beneath the hammering kicks, with grainy colour pouring through the distorted percussion, muttered sentences, and brutalist soundscapes.

‘Ghost Stories’ is scheduled for release 28 August via Elements. Order a copy on Bandcamp.


1. Ghost Stories (intro)
2. Ghost Stories
3. Another Life
4. Darkness My Old Friend
5. Are You Worthy?