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Name Your Price: Avon Terror Corps noise collective offer up inaugural compilation

Bristol based noise collective Avon Terror Corps are offering up their first ever compilation as a name your price initiative via Bandcamp.

Avon Is Dead‘ features 19-tracks of industrial, scuzz, dub electronics, gabba and country from an array of likeminded affiliates that are responsible/partly-responsible for Bristol’s music culture including; Schwet, Slack Alice, Bokeh Versions, Burden Imprint, Bad Tracking, Giant Swan, Sound Cupboard, Noods Radio, EP/64, Plaque, Scumdance Collective, Surrey Vaults, Ceramics, Nzʉmbe and Organchrist.

The aim of the collective is to make you “squirm and wonder” through the delights of their sonic offerings. Additionally they are influenced by “medieval visions of the future, breakcore, Westworld (the original film), industrial, the psychogeography of Castlemead, the legacy of shoegaze, the legend of Goram and Vincent, the total destruction of deconstructed club.”

‘Avon Is Dead’ is out now, name your price via Bandcamp.


1. Nihilist Spasm Duo – Avon Is Dead
2. Relapse – Dreiiams
3. G.S.O.H – Lend Me Your Trophy
4. Kah X Mckenzie – Decree For A Refugee
5. Harrga – Primitive
6. Salaċ – Collage 1
7. Srs – Poly Calbot Triad
8. Kinlaw X Franco Franco – Tactical Dawn
9. Yokel – Y
10. G.S.O.H – Interlude 1
11. Misster Spoon – Heatwave
12. Salaċ – Collage 2
13. Srs – White Is Abrasive
14. Olivia Mutant John X Wrong Travolta – A Walk In September (Excerpt)
15. Harrga – Artaud (Kinlaw Pheasantry Mix)
16. Bad Tracking – Generic Music
17. Lok Tar – The Pale Dogs Aproach
18. Sandy Lynch – Schway Dub
19. Java Java Wetware – Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

Discover more about Avon Terror Corps on Inverted Audio.