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Premiere: Intimacy – Sunken Cathedral

A solitary pilgrimage into the depths of the cosmos, a 2D glitch-dream illuminated by a wash of analogue hues, a slow drift into a technological Arcadia. Intimacy has a knack for bringing forth such vivid imagery into the streams of your consciousness with his productions and each ensuing body of work sees a new world unfold, inviting you to dissolve into his latest creation.

His most recent excursion is no different, as Intimacy continues his ever-expanding sonic universe with his ‘Tracks From The Myst’ EP, which sees him linking up with London-based label Tomahawk – a fitting pair considering the label’s own penchant for strong imagery.

Across the four-tracker Intimacy delivers a solid selection of transcendental house and techno, where shimmering melodies and agile beats intertwine to construct compositions that exhibit an astral mentality with a dance floor sensibility.

Our premiere ‘Sunken Cathedral’ fully radiates this, as a tide of oscillating acid waveforms and sweeping synth lines fuse together with a sprightly elastic beat. A pitched-down vocal sample with the refrain “warrior” weaves in and out, while a distant voice whispers “here it comes” as if a call to arms amidst a dusty dancefloor battle. An intoxicating offering of pure sunrise rave material for those on a cosmic tip.

‘Tracks From The Myst’ is scheduled for release 1st March via Tomahawk in vinyl and digital formats. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Atlantic Meteor Expedition
2. Sunken Cathedral
3. Future Lounge Exotica
4. Continental Glacier

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