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New Magic Media shares Buy Music Club playlist ahead of Lunchmeat Festival

With the 12th edition of Prague’s Lunchmeat Festival commencing this week, we invited some local members of the Czech scene to put together a selection of tracks as a Buy Music Club playlist.

First up is New Magic Media – resident at Radio Punctum, where she operates her WENOM show once a month, New Magic Media is known for championing tough, futuristic rave gear at parties. Alongside rap-metal hybridist Prison Religion, BCAA System’s bilej kluk, and KISSTEMPERA, she performs at Ankali club on Tuesday 28 September for Lunchmeat Festival.

Her playlist shows a different side of her tastes, with a pick of musicians who she would listen to regularly and “deserve more space/money”, offering a wider insight into her tastes and background as a music lover. Featuring plenty of queer musicians and collectives, from punk queer femme group Fuck U Pay Us to acclaimed saxophonist Bendik Giske, Slovak musician Timmi and Finnish poet Sitoi, New Magic Media’s sprawling tastes are opened wide in this playlist.

Inverted Audio is an official media partner of Lunchmeat and we’ll be on hand to bring you all the info you’ll need and show the best bits afterwards. Stay tuned for further announcements.


1. Fuck U Pay Us – Burn Ye Old White Male Patriarchy, Burn
2. Bendik Giske – Adjust
3. KABLAM – For Hildegard
4. Show Me The Body – In A Grave (ft. Denzel Curry, Eartheater, Moor Mother)
5. Estoc – Sighs Suspriria
6. Lutto Lento – Horned Heart (with Katarzyna Karpowicz)
7. Sitoi – Parasitoidi
8. MARTYYNA – Bouře změny
9. timmi – slzavé údolie
10. Siksa – Proste hasło
11. Ikram Bouloum – Ineia (oxhy remix)