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Planet Uterus share 3-hour recording of new Traumprinz alias

Traumprinz aka The Prince is back, this time sharing a 3-hour recording of what appears to be a brand new production alias and album under the novel production alias of Irini.

Uploaded last night to Planet Uterus, the producers only social media outlet, the recording is a surefire hit of deep dubby techno, bleep house and ambient workouts, resulting in over 5000 plays in less than 24 hours.

Fans were quick to identify the upload and have since been hard at work deciphering the name ‘irini’ as the Greek word for “peace” – and decoding the ‘108’ placement in the sceptre – referring to spiritual completion.

Despite what RA report, this is not a mix – the tracks are not mixed together and from what we understand, indicate towards an imminent vinyl release via All Possible Worlds. Wallets at the ready!