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New Video For Max Graef’s ‘Rivers Of The Red Planet’ LP

Ahead of his eclectic debut album on Tartelet Records, Max Graef releases a video for ‘Runner‘. The track introduces us to Wayne Snow, who fills the tracks sparse demeanour with spacey, soulful vocals; making ‘Runner‘ one of the albums most memorable tracks.

Rivers of the Red Planet‘ showcases Max Graef as a diverse producer with the album spanning house, jazz and hip-hop; all with the quality production expected from the young Berliner. Essential listening.

Max Graef’s new album ‘Rivers of the Red Planet‘ is released via Tartelet Records in March 2014. Stream clips of the album via Soundcloud.

For further information check out the album website or pre-order the album from Juno.

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1. Intro
2. Itzehoe
3. Superswiss (Skit)
4. Running
5. Jazz 104
6. Tamboule Fudgemunk
7. Quackeljochen
8. Ohne Erdung
9. Mullholand Drive
10. Drums Of Death
11. Vino Rosetto (Album Mix)
12. Speed Metal Jesus
13. Büchsenöffner
14. Jane
15. Medley Of The Drifter
16. Outro