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Ninja Tune To Release Romare’s Debut LP

Romare has announced his debut LP, slated for release later this year on Ninja Tune.

The producer’s rate of output may be slow, releasing two EPs in as many years, but each has been a feast of footwork-indebted rhythms and kaleidoscopic sampling with an intriguingly academic bent.

Taking in the heritage of African and African-American music across his work, Romare has shown himself to be keenly aware of the problems facing a white producer sampling black musicians. His work to date is most remarkable for its use of samples, employing vocals and instrumentals to tell intricate stories that range from slavery and cultural appropriation to the heady ascent of Jimmy Hendrix.

Romare has offered a new track, the blues-soaked “Jimmy“, for free download via his website to celebrate the news. You can also hear a recent mix of his for Radio 1’s Benji B here, and read IA’s review of Love Songs Part 1 here.

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