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William Basinski: ‘A Shadow In Time’ at Union Chapel

Just like many other musicians who defiantly do things their own way, William Basinski clearly loves the music he makes, which is abstract enough to be utterly malleable in its interpretation or profundity, a unique experience for each listener. He is kind of a rockstar.

Moomin: A Minor Thought

For his sophomore long-player, coming a stately five years after its predecessor, Moomin has not tweaked the formula all that much. The pleasures are to be found in the same place as always: in subtle variations that reward over time and atmospheres as smooth as butter.

Omar Souleyman: Heli Yuweli

The most interesting results of artistic collaboration often come from a willingness to tear it up and start again.

Damiano Von Erckert: Also Known As Good

Love Based Music, was a tour de force of colourful house and winning sketches, and while there are many great moments to be found on this follow-up, it lacks the consistency and energy of Damiano’s debut.

PLO Man: Stations Of The Elevated

While PLO Man’s core sounds may not be daring in their nature, here they are elegantly assembled and draw the listener in through structure as much as texture.

Gerd Janson Presents: Musik For Autobahns 2

Gerd Janson has done a wonderful job eking gems from talents old and new, sticking to a strong core aesthetic while providing variation and style. He makes it look easy.

Chaos In The CBD: Midnight In Peckham

Chaos In The CBD’s ‘Midnight In Peckham’ EP doesn’t offer much in the way of variation, but if you dig house at its smoothest and most tasteful, there’s plenty of accomplished grooves on offer.

DJ Richard: Grind

A collection of kinetic electronica on the border between house and techno, its moods and rhythms in constant flux, the product of a mind that churns like the sea…this is narrative techno, and in typical artistic form, the narrative of conflict draws us inexorably towards reconciliation.

Harvey Sutherland: Bermuda

Katz may be referencing a lot of classic music with his sound, but there isn’t a touch of pastiche here. His feelgood vibes are genuine, his skill is real, and the club power of these tunes, particularly the A-side, is not to be underestimated.

Obas Nenor: My Way Home

It may be his first release with more than a single original track, but Nenor’s vital outing is a testament to both the producer’s confidence and Moodymann’s psychic skills as a curator. Two sides of straight fire, count this one as essential.

Jack J: Thirstin’ / Atmosphere

While Thirstin’ may be a groovy song, Atmosphère is the real jam here, showing just why Jutson will hold onto that house throne a while longer.

DJ Koze: XTC

It’s the most ‘floor-friendly we’ve heard Koze for a while, and paired with the brave A-side this 12” makes for a most welcome return for one of our scene’s most singular producers.

Hidden Spheres: Waiting

A winning debut for Lobster Theremin’s fresh label and a particularly impressive showing from Hidden Spheres, who shows he can bring the chill with the best of them without ever straying too far from the club.

Lifted: 1

Lifted’s debut is the rare album, which feels purely next-level, like music beamed from an idealised future. And on its best moments, like Mint or the sparkling chill of closer Medicated Yoga, that future is very jazzy indeed.