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J. Albert: Dance Slow

Dance Slow is not only a supremely accomplished album with a host of great tunes, it also looks to be the launchpad for a career which is about to – deservedly – take dramatic flight.

Nicolas Jaar: Nymphs II

The narcotised disco of his early singles gave way to the tactile electronica of Space Is Only Noise, and now Nymphs II shows Jaar sculpting sound more delicately and impressively than ever.

Dwig: From Here To There

From start to finish From Here To There is a deep house masterclass. It’s immediately accessible yet generous to the attentive listener, excelling in the mesmeric capabilities of the genre while pushing a varied, refreshing palette.

Roger West: Wasted House

While there might not be a clarity to West’s sound, it can certainly be found in his vision. These sounds are corrupted but sacrifice neither force nor catchiness. It’s a triumph of execution.

Paranoid London: Paranoid London

About as purist as it gets, shadowy London outfit Paranoid London draws from the rawest period of acid house without ever succumbing to throwback.

Raw M.T: La Duna

Raw M.T. is back guns blazing, peddling his sly rhythms in a diverse and compelling three-tracker.

Palms Trax: In Gold

Donaldson’s ability to compel the listener with his musicality while always staying club-focused is a rare ability; many producers play with technicolour new-age synths but few produce music this propulsive.

Palmbomen II: Palmbomen II

Just when words like analog, lo-fi house and ‘recorded straight from hardware’ become so ubiquitous that they make you want to go foetal and listen to precision-engineered techno in a padded cell, along comes an album like Palmbomen II to take the wind right out of your sanctimonious sails.

So Inagawa: Integritithm

There are no surprises on Integritithm. There is just infinite, mind-boggling elegance, a finesse that knows no impeccably textured ceiling.

Project Pablo: I Want To Believe

The nine tracks on I Want To Believe’s cassette are golden: bouncy live-style jams drawn with clean lines rather than the excessive fuzz that many of his contemporaries use to drown their grooves.

Asusu: Serra EP

Asusu proves himself well beyond the bound of the Livity Sound Trio, a singular producer who seems to care as deeply about the tiny blips as he does the storming kicks.

Dan Shake: Out Of Sight

Soulful motor city house may seem like an odd fit, but Dan Shake’s latest is as classy and satisfying as his first.

Anthony Naples: Body Pill

Body Pill plays out like a collection of promising ideas that only sometimes comes to fruition, too often feeling like sketches of fuller compositions that we’ll never hear.

Deep House Introspective VI: Mixtape

In his final chapter, Tom Faber compiles a playlist of slow, largely melancholic house tracks more suitable for meditation than the dancefloor.

Deep House Introspective IV: Recondite – On Acid

In the fourth part of our Deep House Introspective series, Tom Faber examines the use of the 303 bass synthesiser in Recondite’s debut album ‘On Acid’ released in 2012 on Acid Test, sister label of Absurd Recordings.