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Raw M.T: La Duna

The 2013 debut EP of Italian producer Raw M.T. on Wicked Bass really blew us away, and the potency of Walkman Is Dead has only strengthened in the two-year radio silence that ensued. On his return, here on the UK’s on-point Lobster Theremin imprint, Raw M.T. is back guns blazing, peddling his sly rhythms in a diverse and compelling three-tracker.

Each of these tracks brings a distinct flavour to the table, like an action movie dream-team. Title track La Duna is a patient deep house number, the starkness of Walkman Is Dead replaced by airy synthwork that shifts and parts like clouds. Yet the focus is still unashamedly on rhythm, the drum section fluid and intricate, a perfect eyes-down groover. Untitled is the main course, an exotic roller that would sit right at home on the Workshop catalogue. Here a chunky beat pattern and bird calls build to a fizzing bassline and a celestial synth hum, all topped off by an ethereal, garbled vocal in who knows what language, easily making for one of the year’s finest tracks to date.

Til this point we’ve seen heard little of the darkness of Raw M.T.’s debut release, but he lets the night loose on claustrophobic closer Strike. There is a constant pressure to his rhythms, muffled Shed-like kicks and knotty percussion barely contained by corrosive, acid-hungry synths. La Duna is a supremely assured sophomore release, as Raw M.T. stretches in three directions at once nails each one. With another release lined up soon on Wicked Bass, it’s clear that M.T. is still a voice to be very excited about.

La Duna is out now on Mörk, order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


1.  La Duna
2.  Untitled
3.  Strike

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