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Fresh off their outstanding release on Lobster’s black label series, 1800HaightStreet step up in our mix series to give us a taste of the invigoratingly fresh techno breeze that’s been blowing across Vancouver’s dance floors as of late.

Imre Kiss: Strangers

The Hungarian producer’s new offering on Lobster Theremin’s sister-label Mörk doesn’t depart from this lovingly crafted inclusive vision. There is something deeply kindly about Imre’s sound, something that transcends the mere moody nature of a track, emanating straight from deep down his soul and into his subtle electronics via some intangible process. A good man making good music.

Grant: Cranks

Grant deftly dances over the old adage of the “difficult second album”, following up 2015’s ‘The Acrobat’ in quite some style.

Raw M.T.

Grab your party hat and pop the streamers, we’re celebrating our 200th mix with a very special delivery, courtesy of one of our most favourite producers from the last couple of years aka epic lo-fi pyrotechnist and husky scrum-wrecker Raw M.T.

Best Tracks of 2015

It’s this time of the year again: Best of lists are back! You hate them, right? Well, don’t be such a grinch. This best tracks list’s only purpose is to dispense a tiny dose of what’s been, once again, a brilliant year for musical creation, with plenty more than just dozens of top-notch EPs and albums.

Raw M.T: La Duna

Raw M.T. is back guns blazing, peddling his sly rhythms in a diverse and compelling three-tracker.