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Machinedrum: Vapor City

1. Gunshotta
2. Infinite Us
3. Dont 1 2 Lose U
4. Center Your Love
5. Vizion
6. Rise N Fall
7. SeeSea
8. U Still Lie
9. Eyesdontlie
10. Baby Its U

Special Request: Soul Music

Under his own name, Paul Woolford has proven himself a gifted producer working in the techno mould. From 2006’s pitch-black Erotic Discourse to this year’s summer anthem Untitled by way of mutant
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The Field: Cupid’s Head

1. They Won’t See Me
2. Black Sea
3. Cupid’s Head
4. A Guided Tour
5. No. No…
6. 20 Seconds Of Affection

Horror Inc: Briefly Eternal

1. Phowa
2. Mourning
3. Remembrance
4. The Absent
5. I Can’t Look At You
6. Dans La Nuit
7. The Sentinel
8. Crépuscule
9. Bardo Thodol
10. Jhator

Damiano von Erckert: Love Based Music.

A1. All Good
A2. No Good Times
A3. French Porsche (Drums by Funkycan)
B1. Hollywood (Feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
B2. Housem (Remasterd Version)
C1. Adhab Ya Msafiri (Feat. Imam Ally-Salaam)
C2. Sweet and Kind
D1. Reallove (Feat. Tito Wun aka Twit One)
D2. Adhab Ya Msafiri (Feat. Imam Ally-Salaam)
(Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)

Shigeto: No Better Time Than Now

1. First Saturn Return
2. Detroit Part 1
3. Ringleader
4. Perfect Crime
5. Olivia
6. Miss U
7. Ritual Howl
8. Soul Searching
9. Safe In Here
10. No Better Time Than Now
11. Silver Lining

South London Ordnance: He Do The Police In Different Voices

A1. Black Acre ft. Brolin
A2. Modular Splash (Factory Floor – NVC Remix)
B1. Floating World
B2. Obsidian ft. Femme En Fourrure
C1. System
D1. Modular Splash (JD Twitch West Glasgow Optimo Mix)
D2. Black Acre ft. Brolin (Chris Carter Remix)
Modular Splash (Digital Exclusive)

Ikonika: Aerotropolis

1. Mise En Place
2. Beach Mode (Keep It Simple) Feat. Jessy Lanza
3. Mr Cake
4. Practice Beats
5. Eternal Mode
6. Completion V3
7. Manchego
8. Let A Smile Be (Y)our Umbrella
9. Lights Are Forever
10. Mega Church Feat. Optimum
11. Cryo 1
12. Backhand Winners
13. You Won’t Find It There
14. Zen Sizzle

Special Request: Hardcore EP

After the astounding success of his viciously compelling 2006 single Erotic Discourse, Paul Woolford somewhat disappeared from view. While the producer continued to work, notably issuing 2011’s
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