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Nochexxx Celebrates ‘Thrusters’ LP With Animated Movie

MPC enthusiast Nochexxx returns after a long silence with his debut album ‘Thrusters‘ on Ramp Recordings.

Featuring jagged sample cuts and chaotic, adrenaline pumped synth lines; the album displays a raw, no-limits take on electronic music and showcases strong production that holds a firm sense of musical identity. Originally from Cambridge, Nochexxx has accumulated his tastes through acts such as John Bender and Suicide. This eclectic taste shines through on this twisted, almost deranged collection of work.

Thoroughly funky and profoundly nasty, ‘Thrusters’ is a producer pushing himself to the next level, generating a kaleidoscope of sound that is all his own“.

The album is accompanied by a fully animated movie directed by Plastic Horse, which features the bulk of the album as the sound track. Its twisted themes and fast paced, jolted sequences do a perfect job of capturing Nochexxxs analogue sprawling’s. The scenes draw from a take on old Mexico: Skulls, corrupt mayor’s and drag racing are central to the styling of the video.

The main story is in essence a biography of Nochexxx and the struggles he’s had to overcome. The rise and fall; the dreams and nightmares; the endless pain and anxiety. The sounds he uses in his music have very unique personalities that often spark ideas for characters, events and moods. From the moment we heard Thrusters, we were struck with visions of Nochexxx limping across a decaying carpet, eating carrots for dinner and being tormented by a fly“.

Watch the movie to your left or on YouTube. Nochexxx’s “Thrusters” album launch party takes place at Ace Hotel Shoreditch on 1st March, entrance is free.



1. Exholst
2. Crying Bamboo
3. Skunk Marks
4. Aquaverse
5. Cola Duck feat. Zackey Funk Force
6. Thrusters
7. Vapour Cruz
8. Swat Erect
9. Rinse Dreams
10. Thrash Ionosphere
11. The Fly

RAMP Recordings will release “Thrusters” on February 24th, 2014.