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Ossia and Cera Khin go back-to-back again on ‘Skully Mix’ cassette for LazyTapes

After releases from Christoph De Babalon and Peder Mannerfelt, Berlin-based imprint LazyTapes turns up this fall with the same combo that inaugurated the label’s catalogue last year, i.e. founder Cera Khin and Bristol bass cock of the walk Ossia. Dedicated to Skully the cat and sprawled across 90mins of tape, the cassette is said to take the listener for a “time-halting cruise through their most weird and wonderful discs, as well as unreleased gems from themselves and friends“.

True to their crucially bold, boundary-pushing approach, Cera and Ossia are found engineering “brainwave selections that move from head-in-the-clouds musique concrete, japanese ambient, strange oddities, far-out sounds and 33rpm wrongspeed revelations through to obscure dancehall and afro-centric rhythms.

The release also includes an unreleased 7″ dubplate from Jabu and Ossia, previously unheard ASDA material and perhaps even a potential sneak peek at some future LT material. As usual with LazyTapes this one’s limited to 150 copies. Don’t sleep!

Skully Mix is out now, order a copy from Rewind-Forward

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