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Paloma launch label, release compilation feat. Substance, Lowtec, Marvin Dash, Voiski

Paloma occupies a unique space at Kottbusser Tor, Berlin. Sitting somewhere between an after hours bar and club, it’s a far cry away from the icy glares and black leather of Friedrichshain. A place where DJs can dust off their weirdest records and play to a crowd of like minded listeners.

In order for Paloma to survive through the Cornonavirus shutdown period, the venue has launched a label to release a fundraising compilation – curated by Christoph Nahme, Finn Johannsen, Tom Haefele and housed in artwork by Alex Solman.

Paloma Vs. Virus‘ is presented in three parts. The first, a seven-inch by Substance. The second, a twelve-inch featuring tracks from Lowtec, Marvin Dash, Hans Nieswandt and Eric D. Clark. The third, the complete 23 track digital compilation.

On the twelve-inch, Lowtec turns in a typically subdued number. Leisurely strutting along the museum portico in the sub-dancefloor BPM range. “Museum of Natural History of Life” is not much more than a frazzled bass and a snare that still manages to find you in a groove that could keep you checking out dioramas for days.

Out To Lunch affiliate, Marvin Dash’s contribution is similarly low-slung, but offers a more late night groove. The B-Side ups the energy with journalist, DJ, and producer Hans Nieswandt offering a track that sits somewhere between Chicago and the “outsider” house of producers like Frits Wetnick. Eric D. Clark gives us a wonky, bubbling disco track.

In a world where club culture is becoming increasingly homogeneous, venues like Paloma are essential – show your support and help keep the venue alive by purchasing a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Lowtec – Gold And Silver
2. s:vt – Hubbard
3. Iron Curtis – Brokat (Signal 2 Signal Mix)
4. Marcel Vogel & Tim Jules – Com On V3
5. Javi Frias – Mood For Love
6. Eric D. Clark – From E’vry Mountain Top
7. Nathalie Capello – So Deep
8. Tom – Plasma Funk Generator
9. /DL/MS/ – Marnie
10. Substance – Coo
11. Aubrey – Floating Endlessly
12. Substance – Grey Feather
13. Voiski & Eliott Litrowski – Espace Supertemporel
14. Thrived – Serenity
15. Marvin Dash – Lost In The Woods
16. Lowtec – No Fear, Neil
17. Patrick Conway – Digital Warfare (4×4 Dub)
18. Eric D. Clark – Mt. Top Dub
19. Hans Nieswandt – Groove Y’All
20. Juliano – Gemini Star
21. LoYoTo – Uh, Oh – Paloma
22. Hans Nieswandt – Luanne Is Groovin
23. Lowtec – Museum of Natural History of Life