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Patricia announces ‘Free Lunch’ EP for Nona Records

Brooklyn-based sound artist Max Ravitz is best known under the alias Patricia, a moniker inaugurated in 2013 with the ‘Body Issues‘ LP and cemented since then through a series of releases spread across Opal Tapes, L.I.E.S, Sleeperhold Publications and Spectral Sound, an offshoot of Ghostly International. After the release of ‘Several Shades of The Same Colour‘ last year – a well-received collection of mournful, tape-warped electro spread across 3 LPs that offered the most definitive statement of his distinctive sound yet, Ravitz has just announced the release of a new EP due out at the end of August.

Free Lunch‘ is made up of five “energetic electro tracks that show a shift from the familiar hazy murkiness to a more present sound.. more layered melodies, acid grooves and luscious pointillism.” The record is being released through Nona Records, a Czech imprint that first emerged in late 2016 with releases from Hanz Tisch and Kadaver. Nona have shared an exclusive cut from the record with us for you to hear: ‘Consumer Recreation Services‘, which ratchets up the tension with analogue arpeggios before progressing into a full-blown synth workout that bears the signature warp and grain of Patricia’s modular rig. Listen below.

Free Lunch EP is released via Nona Records on 30th August.


A1. Your Battery Is Leaking
A2. Consumer Recreation Services
A3. Placeholder
B1. Early Stages Of Something
B2. Winnipeg

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