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Patricia: Less Than 7

Hardware maestro Max Ravitz aka Patricia steps onto the unerring Acid Test imprint for a 4 track EP that, unsurprisingly, centres around the Roland TB-303. In
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Best Albums of 2020

The last 12 months have seen us indulged with outstanding long players from artists new and old, and as the holiday season tradition goes, we’ve drawn
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Patricia: Maxyboy

“Maxyboy is an emotionally cohesive project, much of which has a melancholy tinge” An early exponent of the dust-coated house that rose to prominence a few
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IA MIX 304 Patricia

Electronica-infused modular techno rubbing off onto post-industrial ambient upholstery, Ravitz’s music is essentially alien and intrepidly unpigeonholeable to the bone. Patrica steps up to provide an ultra rare live recording taken from his performance at the debut edition of Bucharest’s Automata Festival – a masterclass of ultra-sensory techno grooves and playful hardware juggling.

Patricia talks up ‘Several Shades Of The Same Color’

Behind the mysterious and womanly name of Patricia hides none other than New York-based producer and industrious analogue head Max Ravitz. To celebrate the release of his new album, Max opens up on the conscious and unconscious nature of his music, how modern rap is a breath of fresh air and his here-and-now approach to studio production amongst (many) other things.