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Patricia debuts on Acid Test with club focussed ‘Less Than 7’ EP

Following the release of his ‘Blue Ridge‘ LP through Spanish imprint Analogical Force in 2021, Berlin-based record label Acid Test announce a forthcoming EP from Patricia, slated for release at the end of September.

Marking his first solo EP in three years, Max Ravitz has spent the past three years working for Moog in Asheville, honing his sound and helping develop instruments such as the Matriarch. Now he steps up to deliver ‘Less Than 7‘, four club focussed tracks exploring IDM, acid and dub techno. Get stuck in.

‘Less Than 7’ is scheduled for release 30 September via Acid Test. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. At A. Gallop
2. Head Gap Width
3. Winding To The Side
4. Coffee Computer