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Premiere: FLML – Subway Breakdown

Bolongia-based record label ALLEY VERSION are lovers of dusty and distorted dance music. There’s a raw DIY ethos that runs throughout their discography and is very much present in recent releases ‘Tracks From The Alley’ and ‘Tracks From The Alley Vol. II’.

Their next release is an EP from label heads FLML, delivering 6 tracks recorded live and committed to reel-to-reel tape. The production duos love of raucous machine jams is pertinent throughout ‘Wired Cruel Run’.

Additionally, it is inspired by an amalgam of jacking Chicago house, early industrial music, J.G. Ballard novels and low-budget horror movies. These influences bubble close to the surface on ‘Subway Breakdown’, a chilling track where static hiss, squelchy synths and cowbells mingle in the twilight zone.

‘Wired Cruel Run’ is scheduled for release 19 September via ALLEY VERSION. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Submit To Jerks
A2. Zombie Motors
A3. Subway Breakdown
B1. Low Life MFJ
B2. Running Wild
B3. Murky Sport