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Patrick Conway slinks by Newtype Rhythms with a pulsating mix

The mystery surrounding Patrick Conway suggests a clever, crafty talent controlling the flow of information around them; a chameleonic charmer that not only engrosses onlookers with their mystery surrounding them, but also with their sonic elasticity. Conway is someone that has found ways to beguile listeners with his excellent releases – found on labels such as Rekids, Forbidden Planet and his own Black Orpheus imprint. Inspired by a combination of classic Carl Craig, peak-era Sheffield rave and transcendental meditation, it bears in mind to wonder what could come next for him.

That would be a dutiful two-tracker on ESP Institute, simply titled ‘ESP-LIII’;  presenting two tracks that take the hustle and bustle of hardcore and zoom into their deepest, darkness corners by showing off Conway’s exuberant sound design, thus the meditation kicks in fabulously here, providing a journey that employs the audible history of UK rave in a concise pair of compositions.

With the release a few weeks, Newtype Rhythms sought out Conway and hoped to get a signal of interest, and suddenly came upon a delightful and expansive 80-minute guest mix provided for the show. Strap yourselves in for Patrick’s mix at the 44-minute mark, with resident Sheepshead warming things up with a varied set of bass music.


00:00 – 44:32 – mixed by Sheepshead

01. Biosphere – Down On Ropes
02. Dream Cycle – Sensa
03. 214 – Shelby
04. T.Williams – Be Alone
05. Benjamin Damage – 010x (SCNTST Remix)
06. Kevin McPhee – TW
07. LMAJOR – Danger
08. Special Request – Brainstorm
09. RAC – Neo Rio
10. Function – F4
11. Call Super – Depicta
12. Paleman – Quarry

44:55 – END – mixed by Patrick Conway

01. Kyle Hall & Keto – Zug Island (Wild Oats)
02. Breaker 1 2 – 2 (Forbidden Planet)
03. Mat Carter – 7 Zark 7 (Varial Records)
04. Cop Envy – Cotton (Hypercolour)
05. OL – Lum Edit (Meda Fury)
06. Nautiluss – Guccifer [Keele Warehouse Mix] (Seilscheibenpfeiler)
07. Corticyte – Integrate (Unreleased)
08. Claro Intelecto – Sniffer Dogs [45rpm] (Delsin)
09. Twoman – Fast Lights (SVS Records)
10. Hooverian Blur – Phantom Space (Ritual Poison)
11. Consulate – In The Throne Room (Forthcoming Art-E-Fax)
12. Dogpatrol – Clownery (Forthcoming Sneaker Social Club)
13. SP:MC – Slugfest (Sentry Records)
14. NHK yx Koyxen – Parallel Displacement (-ous)
15. Martyn – Odds Against Us (Ostgut Ton)
16. Soundbwoy Killah – Halcyon Daze (Sneaker Social Club)
17. Sonic – Stranded (Sneaker Social Club)
18. Insync – Jam Tape 1991 [Edit 3] (Third Ear Recordings)

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