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Phuong-Dan launches dispari with Anatolian Weapons, Hector Zazou with Laurie Anderson

Following almost two decades in the scene, including holding residency at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel Club, today Phuong-Dan launches his very own record label named dispari with the announcement of an extended player from Greek producer Anatolian Weapons and Hector Zazou with Laurie Anderson.

Aimed as “a disparate platform for all types of auditory publications, plus events and performances in all types of places and spaces”. Phuong-Dan insists that the process of cross-pollination is an intrinsic factor to the label. Meaning that dispari are actively interested in connecting artists and authors from different faculties (film, photography, humanities) to work together and create something entirely new.

For their inaugural vinyl release, Anatolian Weapons has been drafted in for an eight minute long infinite ambient musing named ‘An Afterthought‘. On the flip, the record features a 53 second long narration from French composer Hector Zazou with US-American artist Laurie Anderson. Two very different compositions.

‘dispari001’ is scheduled for release 1 April 2021. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

Photo by Fabian Hammerl


1. Anatolian Weapons – An Afterthought
2. Hector Zazou with Laurie Anderson – Into Your Dreams