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Premiere: 3HDSafxri – Bots Adore This Fragment!

Exiles Electronics are a small label of wonder and intrigue. Operating out of Budapest, the label’s discography is filled with unfamiliar names and a broad spectrum of electronic music from innumerable and unusual sources.

A handful of their recent releases have cropped up on our radar, from a broad compilation of predominantly vocal-centric ambient named ‘Sirens‘, to Obwigszyh’s excellent ‘Personal Data‘ album, which we’ve been spinning since its release in July 2020. Each new release steps in a different direction, giving the label credence and authority in a broad swathe of electronic disciplines.

The latest release is the ‘Smell Of Water‘ album from 3HDSafxri, a new alias for Polish musician Micromelancolié. The music sits on the fence between more traditional ‘experimental’, with unusual compositions and structure, and with the frenetic energy and coarse textures of post-club, and even hyperpop’s glycerin-high blasts of energy. ‘Bots Adore This Fragment!‘ sits a little off to the side of the more energetic material, leaning into a bizarre medley of percussion and bells, which builds friction until it pullls back to the raw elements. Balanced, harmonious, and still beautifully strange.

‘Smell Of Water’ is released 4 April via Exiles Electronics. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Hypertrophies
2. Bots adore this fragment!
3. I forgot the password & now I am drowning!
4. Pears, pearls & perils
5. Atlas
6. Object, time & super white pearl
7. Edges in syntax
8. Smell of water
9. Object, time & a hall