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Premiere: 60 Miles – No Frills

If you were wondering what kind of geographic gap the project’s name refers to, 60 Miles is the approximate distance that separates Limerick and Galway, hometowns to the two producers involved, namely Cian Frawley, alias Frawl, and John Daly.

Scheduled for release on Jheri Tracks in January 2020, the duo’s debut instalment as 60 Miles, ‘Swamp 2 Sea‘, bears the seal of their common topographical origins; merging squelchy acid accents reminiscent of the wildlands’ peaty landscapes with a spaciousness further evocative of awe-inspiring, rugged oceanic vistas.

Available to stream and download from our channels today, the first extract ‘No Frills‘ lives up to its endearingly straightforward title. A heavy-lidded Chicagoan house shuffler dipped in thick pools of static and grainy textural overlays, dredged with subtly incorporated field recordings to enhance the sonic field depth, the track will fly you off to some crammed smokey jazz club backroom effortlessly.

Swamp 2 Sea is released via Jheri Tracks in January.


Swamp 2 Sea – Digital LP

A1. Happenin’ Doin’
A2. No Frills
A3. Cadillac
A4. Vanilla
A5. To the Core Kid

B1. Life Support
B2. Conundrum
B3. 60 Miles
B4. Horace and Friends
B5. Arcade

Swamp 2 Sea – 12″ EP

A1. Cadillac
A2. Happenin Doin
B1. To The Core Kid
B2. Arcade

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