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Premiere: Alan Backdrop – Extse

Harmony Rec. come forward with their seventh release, ‘Laguna Sud‘ EP, in stunning style, delivering a 4-track 12″ from Italian producer Alan Backdrop — a return venture for the label, who visited Backdrop’s atmospheric world first in October 2019.

Laguna Sud‘ features three Backdrop tunes alongside a hyper-deep reshape from Ness, a close friend to the Prague-based collective, with the digital bonus track seeing Ness stretch out his remix into sublime half-speed motion in key with the pacy material on the vinyl.

With even just a bit of understanding of how Harmony like their parties it’s clear to hear how aptly Backdrop’s sound fits with the young label, calling to mind plenty of perhaps-overused adjectives like deep, rolling, atmospheric — all terms that somewhat fail to fully communicate what Backdrop achieves across this EP, which is instantly recognisable upon listening.

This is true night music, for endless evenings and the ever-after, for more moving feet and shifting bodies than it’s possible to recall, and nowhere on ‘Laguna Sud‘ is this executed more perfectly than on ‘Extse‘ — a 7-minute loveletter to the dancefloor, a ceaseless groove rotating in on itself, unravelling again and again in a morphing pattern, equally organic and natural as it is informed by the soul of electronic dance music.

‘Laguna Sud’ is scheduled for release June 11 via Harmony Rec. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Varcli
2. Extse
3. Line_b
4. Line_b (Ness Reshape)
5. Line b (Ness Remix) [Digital Bonus]