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Premiere: Dj Schwa – Ape King (Posthuman Freak Your Body Rmx)

For their next release, Munich’s RFR revisit one from their back catalogue, returning to Dj Schwa’s ‘Do Tracks’ EP from last year. The label have chosen two tracks, previously only available digitally as part of that release, and brought them to wax along with new remixes by Jerome Hill and Posthuman.

‘Obsolete’ opens with ‘Ape King’, a collaborative effort with Name Does Not Matter and one of the highlights from ‘Do Tracks’. In addition to the original, the A-side is graced by a remix by Posthuman, the prolific production duo made up of Richard Bevan and Josh Doherty.

Compared to the granular crunch of the original, Posthuman’s version is clean and refined. To begin with, it’s slick and simple electro, clear reverence for classic iterations of the style. The introduction of a menacing bassline and dusty breaks shows that this is more than just historical mimicry, but the type of track that’s been cleverly designed to work ravers into a frenzy.

‘Obsolete’ is scheduled for release 15 June via RFR. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Dj Schwa & NDNM – Ape King
2. Ape King (Posthuman Freak Your Body Rmx)
3. Obsolete (Jerome Hill Rmx)
4. Dj Schwa & NDNM – Obsolete