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Premiere: Aleks – Hush

In the space of just two years Dutch producer Aleks has rapidly evolved from the position of unheard talent with lots to prove to the status of surefire tune-maker, collating a handful of EPs on the way for labels as diverse as Natural Sciences, Hesperian Sound Division and Deeptrax.

After a pair of long-distance excursions in ambient territories for Shimmering Moods that showcased a much different facet to his craft than his usual club-ready blends, Aleks returns with his first real dancefloor-oriented album – ‘Pool Daze‘ – due out via Organic Analogue Records 18 September.

Streaming in full over our channels, ‘Hush‘ breaks the waterline with felted tranquility, stealthily threading its way across submarine ruins and wrecked ships on the trail of some long-lost civilisation. Driven by sustained onslaughts of steely percs and entangled dubby layers, this smooth groover unloads relentless cascades of acidic lymph, sure to take both the lovers of 303-charged electronics and elegiac house aficionados in ecstasy with a single stroke. Put on your snorkel and wetsuit, it’s ime to open the floodgates.

Pool Daze is released via Organic Analogue Records on 18th September, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Void
A2. Gone Home
B2. Hush
C1. Heavy Rain
C2. City Break
C3. Pool Daze
D1. Pool Daze (HVL’s Malfunction Mix)
D2. Void (Kiyadama’s Acid Expansion)

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