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Achim Maerz releases his captivating ‘Experiments’ hardware sessions from 2015 on Don’t Be Afraid

Out today on Don’t Be Afraid is an excellent set of cuts from Hamburg based artist Achim Maerz. Culled from a stack of improvised hardware jams in 2015, Experiments spans a vinyl and cassette release. Don’t be fretting about your lack of tape playing capabilities, as the cassette tracks are available as a free download from Achim’s Bandcamp page.

Spanning twelve tracks between the volumes, each experiment is deliciously freeform in nature – slushy beats, meandering basslines that feel determined to rid themselves of anything as unnecessary as a rigid four beat bar structure, and simple endearing melodies that linger in the mind. The harder edged tracks are unsurprisingly found on the vinyl, with the cassette pushing into weirder territories.

It is all rather compelling stuff, however don’t take our word for it, check the Appendix A/B sessions below.

Experiments and Experiments Appendix A/B is available now with all formats available through Bandcamp.

Find out more about Don’t Be Afraid and Achim Maerz on Inverted Audio.