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Premiere: Aleksi Perälä – UK74R1512110

Techno’s purple patch of a few years ago seems to be on a wane. Split between emotionless digital kick drum work outs and alienating abstract compositions, there just seems to be something missing. Thankfully, Clone Records – under the Clone Basement Series guise – are serving up a timely reminder of what can be achieved under the banner of the big T.

Aleksi Perälä‘s ‘Colundi Sequence‘ series – named after his bespoke scale that underpins all the melodies – has rarely seen the light of day on a mainstream physical format. Often appearing on cassette, minidisc and wax cylinder in the past, this signing to Clone Records sees a rare physical pressing to vinyl.

Tonally, it’s easy to pitch the Colundi Sequence as the logical successor to Aphex Twin’s Polygon Window alias, but you can easily point the finger of inspiration towards anything from Jeff Mills to Thom Yorke. Premiering on the Inverted Audio channels, we are happy to bring you the lead track from ‘The Colundi Sequence Vol. 1‘ as a taster. We trust you’ll find it as instantly intoxicating as we did.

The Colundi Sequence Vol. 1 is out now, order a vinyl copy from Clone.


Y1. UK74R1512110
Y2. UK74R1406090
Y3. UK74R1517030
G1. UK74R1516030
G2. UK74R1512130
G3. GBBVT1337152
B1. GBBVT1337062
B2. UK74R1510069
B3. UK74R1512120
V1. UK74R1409097
V2. UK74R1408054
V3. UK74R1513070
R1. UK74R1516090
O1. Hydrophobic_Effect
O2. UK74R1409047
O3. UK74R1516160

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