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Premiere: Ambien Baby – Aventura ft. Priori

D.Tiffany and NAP’s Ambien Baby project stretches its arms around buddies Ex-Terrestrial and Priori for a group hug on their NAFF label with their next EP, ‘Mindkiss‘. Four tracks deep, the EP hits hard on the sweet-spot where trance methodology meets electronic psychedelia.

Aventura‘ sees the collaboration between the two forces deepen, with Priori pitching in to the mix. A six-minute sprint from start to end, the track drips with lysergic groove and a rave-ready trance pulse that kicks into gear right from the start.

Flecked with mischievous energy, the track stomps on through pitched-up vocal shots and keyboard devilry that veers off-key before slamming you back into place on your dancing feet. Effortlessly danceable, for maximum effort dancing.

‘Mindkiss’ is scheduled for release 2 October via NAFF Recordings. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Mindkiss
2. Aventura ft. Priori
3. T’Siento
4. Cosquillas