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Premiere: Eluize – Enervation (Energized Edition)

Eluize returns to Craigie Knowes to release her second album in the form of the beautifully eclectic 8-track ‘Gone‘ LP. No stranger to the label, Eluize’s music has previously featured on standalone 12″‘s on the label, as well as on their recent ‘War Child 4‘ fundraiser compilation.

In fact, her War Child contribution was a super-arpeggiated ambient construct of ‘Enervation‘ — the ‘Energized Edition‘ of which lands at track 7 of the album. It might be fairly easy, then, to guess at what lies in wait.

Sure enough, once energised, ‘Enervation‘ becomes a full-weight piece for the club, but still retains its core energy. Those glorious, coruscating synths dive through dancier realms, hitting higher heights now arranged atop a rolling low-end. A perfectly balanced rendition that slides between the layers of dance material and home listening.

‘Gone’ is scheduled for release 19 October via Craigie Knowes. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Ennui
2. Relinquish
3. Wasn’t Ready
4. Obsolescence
5. Hideaway
6. Supposed
7. Enervation (Energized Edition)
8. Stutters