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Premiere: Angel Rocket – Foamstone Hoedown

Accidental Meetings present the debut release from Angel Rocket – a new collaborative project by Angel Hunt and Peter Rocket. Following a couple of stellar mixtapes and compilations, ‘AM003’ also marks the label’s first foray into the world of vinyl.

We last heard from Angel Hunt in the form of ‘Apparition Floor’, a diverse conceptual release that landed on the ever-excellent Good Morning Tapes. Now, the artist joins forces with Peter Rocket, the shapeshifting London producer who also goes by Metro Zee and Mo Reece.

AM003’ is the kind of UK-schooled techno that you might expect from Accidental Meetings. From the slippery techno-dancehall of ‘Pomelo Fog‘ to the glossy ‘Oyster Perpetual’, the release covers a lot of ground. Our pick is the off-kilter funk of ‘Foamstone Hoedown’.

‘AM003’ is scheduled for release 11 November via Accidental Meetings. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Pomelo Fog
2. Oyster Perpetual
3. Tunnelrunners Unltd
4. Foamstone Hoedown