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Premiere: Avsluta – Hatsu Yume

Netil Radio hosts Mega Metal embark on their first foray into releasing music with ‘dis/mm-di01’, a 10-track compilation across a wide breadth of musical styles from an array of artists, including Introspective Electronics host Avsluta.

Avsluta’s command of her instruments shines through on our premiere, ‘Hatsu Yume‘; a 7-minute dive into her rich, melancholic style of production, dense fogs of synthesis wrap around the ears. A sort of breathing percussion is conjured from the shadows which expands and contracts with organic motion, wrapping around a brooding sample of a woman’s lamentations on love.

‘dis/mm-di01’ compilation is out now, Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Sailingwing – Be Prepared (To Devour Your Enemy)
2. Big Hands – In Delphi (Wednesday Blues)
3. Futurist – AM0232
4. Endless Mow – Insect
5. pent – xy
6. Ikpathua – Retrograde
7. Luke Lund – Auts (Refix)
8. Satin Doll – Dub For Annie
9. Truska – Stop_Read
10. Avsluta – Hatsu Yume