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Kompakt detail TOTAL 20 featuring Robag Wruhme, Soela, Jürgen Paape, Sascha Funke

Kompakt turn 20 with their “annual yearbook” TOTAL 20 – featuring a wide range of sounds deep, stripped back and just a little bit silly all curated by label co-founder Michael Mayer.

Spread across two discs (and vinyl) the Cologne-based institute highlight new and familiar faces. We get the bright, disco ball eyes of London newcomer Kiwi alongside Denmark’s Kölsch, working in full jazz-smoke nostalgia mode, plus Dial alumni Soela. There’s also an electro-clash throwback courtesy of ANNA & KITTIN and Tel Aviv’s Yotnam Avni working somewhere between big room anthem and new age spiritual.

This is all without mentioning the typically funky and surprisingly emotional tracks that put Kompakt on the map from the label’s founding fathers. TOTAL 20 is a surprisingly diverse celebration of where the label has been and what lays on the horizon.

Pre-orders automatically receive a free download of TOTAL 20 alongside an exclusive mega-mix download of featured tracks. Order a copy from Kompakt.


A1 Jürgen Paape – Vox Acris
A2 Jörg Burger – Surprise Yourself!
B1 Michael Mayer – Agita
B2 David Douglas – Lose Control
C1 Sascha Funke – Atze
C2 Voigt & Voigt – Schopper Da Leu
D1 Jonathan Kaspar – Young
D2 Christian Nielsen – Blush (Vinyl/Digital Only)


1. Robag Wruhme – Calma Calma
2. Soela – White Becomes Black
3. Michael Mayer – Agita
4. Jürgen Paape – Vox Acris
5. David Douglas – Lose Control
6. Kiwi – Hello Echo
7. Sascha Funke – Atze
8. Jonathan Kaspar – Licht
9. Voigt & Voigt – Schopper Da Leu
10. Steve Moore – Frame Dragging
11. Weval – Doesn’t Do Anything (Silicon Mix)


1. Jörg Burger – Surprise Yourself!
2. Agents Of Time – Drive Me Crazy
3. Michael Mayer – Higher
4. Kölsch – Remind You
5. Jonathan Kaspar – Young
6. Enzo Elia, Aldebaran feat. Quique – Low Red
7. Yotam Avni – It Was What It Was (Album Version)
8. ANNA & KITTIN – Forever Ravers
9. Christian Nielsen – Gold
10. Marc Romboy – Stalker
11. Blackrachas – Giorno Di Pioggia