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Premiere: Baaz – Kraut House

Following up to his beautifully immersive debut album ‘Red Souvenirs‘, released two years ago, Office founder Bastian Volker aka Baaz emerges with the label’s eighth release, ‘Untitled 08‘, a four-track EP melding subtle flowing house and deep ambient sketches with a gentle organic lean.

The ethereal ‘Kraut House‘ honours its title nicely, layering hypnotic ripples of reverberated rhythms and chromatic keys as they converge in one fluid glide through atmospheric swells. Stirring keyboard chords, porcelain-fragile bleeps and hazy echoes of percussions lace up in a slow-burning, shamanic rain dance. An appeasing ride through vaporous, ayahuasca-induced dreamscapes.

  • Download Baaz’s podcast recorded for Inverted Audio (2012).

OFFICE 08 is scheduled for release sometime in July 2016, order a copy from Juno.


A1. Kraut House
A2. You (Can’t)
B1. Modual
B2. Simple E

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