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Premiere: Basses Terres – Sentiment Océanique

Since the landing of his debut tape album on BFDM last year, the music of enigmatic French artist Basses Terres has gained a new wind, scope and amplitude of variation that transcends all genres, categories or aesthetic boundaries one may dare pigeonholing it in. As empiric an experience as it is intellectually challenging, it’s a shape-shifting reflection-in-sound that the masked man engages you in, putting the tangible reality of the artist’s ductus and its echo on the soul in perspective in the most elegant of manners; as further epitomised by his second LP, ‘Naked Light‘, out early 2019.

Lifted from this highly-anticipated follow up to the superb ‘Counting Pulsations‘, our pick ‘Sentiment Océanique‘ is a stunning zero-G ballet of sorts. Recreating the sensations of zen-like plenitude that can be felt when the body’s immersed and the mind floats in an all-blue, liquid-like haze, this first extract heads for the greater depths, both literally and figuratively. Through the tidal motion of its field-recorded wave swash and the loopy, hypnotic spell of its lapping water sounds, the track conjures up a large portfolio of childhood memories; from baking summer warmth to frail sandy fortresses repeatedly lapped at by the rising sea onslaughts. A blissed-out trip down memory lane.

Naked Light is scheduled for release via BFDM in February 2019.


A1. Wilfred Doricent
A2. 665 Moths
A3. Hebi No Tori
B1. Deliae
B2. Yoru No Satori (with Mika Oki)
B3. Sentiment Océanique

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