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Premiere: Benoit B – Cruising

Submitting the good ol’ techno patterns to shock treatments of harsh distortions, hectic FX-powered barrel rolls and swashes of tape echo’ed abrasion, Benoit B has steadily established himself as one of the boldest club music innovators of the past decade, tirelessly blurring the line betwixt monstrous abstraction and volatile machine funk. Bearing witness of the French producer’s unparalleled knack for building mad psy-tech jams, his newest for Firecracker Recordings offshoot Unthank shall find its place amongst his most accomplished numbers to date.

Premiereing through our channels today, A-side’s ‘Cruising‘ is a class A quirky, bass-revolving affair. Delving into steely industrial tropes and radioactive, Bristol-sourced baselines, Benoit B steps in to change the rules of the game again – all set to shuck shells, shunt circuits and chisel a wealth of textures to fit his brooding, sci-fi indebted vista. As per usual, the result defies norms and standards, blazing a trail of analogue sound and fury with every bar. Forget about the bland, uninspired gratification going with the old 909-spun weekend trampler and dare taking a step into the unknown instead: this one’s equipped to stun you into oblivion forthwith.

Caution 9’6″ High is released via Unthank on 29th November, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Global Go
A2. Nanga
B1. Cruising
B2. Coconut Groove

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