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Premiere: Bergsonist – Shootings Everywhere

Mexico’s unstoppable Infinite Machine tap the inimitable talents of Morocco-via-NYC producer Bergsonist for a split leftfield release with Gaul Plus.

Bergsonist has often been praised for her tight production technique and keen ear for leftfield abstractions. Taking control of the B-side, Bergsonist delivers two tracks, appropriately titled ‘Viruses Slowly Destroying The Planet‘ and ‘Shootings Everywhere‘ – portraying a very real relevancy to our inhumane times.

Our pick ‘Shootings Everywhere’ is an agorophobic splash of paranoia in a sea of dark, listing streets. An off-key relationship between notes forms the melody, buoyed up by an insistent bass line and cascading dub-style-delay, creating a heightened sense of impending threat.

‘IM077’ is out now, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Gaul Plus – Church of the Motorway
2. Gaul Plus – Lecherous Suitor RIP
3. Bergsonist – Viruses Slowly Destroying the Planet
4. Bergsonist – Shootings Everywhere