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Premiere: Betonkust & Innershades – Forever In Boccaccio

A declaration of love to legendary Belgian dance temple Boccaccio, widely considered as the hotbed of the New Beat revolution, Betonkust and Innershades’ debut joint effort on Scott Fraser and Timothy J. Fairplay’s ever dependable Crimes Of The Future – ‘Forever In Boccaccio‘ – revives the spirit of the endless nights and days of high-yield partying at the Destelbergen nightclub, where marathon dancers would spend up to 60 hours in a row; from Friday till Monday afternoon.

Made in January of last year and split over two sides conceived as parables of the ’88 New Beat heyday and further high-impact euro-NRG and trance-friendly vibrations of year ’92, the four-tracker traces the contours to a historically accurate dancy narrative all the while displaying some cutting-edge dancefloor wreckers geared towards turning today’s dancefloors upside down.

Streaming over our channels today, Betonkust and Innershades‘ lead-cut propels you onto a neon-lit racing circuit pedal to the metal. Through a thick fog of burnt rubber and hot tar emanations, the roadsters dash and jostle for position as laps go by. A clamour of roaring arpeggios, celestial pads and athletic bass combers resounds across the stands, the checkered flag is near. Inject the NOS, put your foot down and take off past the finish line in a fierce last hurrah. Banging stuff.

Forever In Boccaccio EP is released via Crimes Of The Future on 14th May, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Forever In Boccaccio
A2. In Love With A Girl That Doesn’t Exist
B1. Jambers At Carat Afterclub
B2. The Return Of Van Rossem

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