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Premiere: Big Hands & Soreab – FC Ladub

How do you improve on a run of 5 perfect records? Baroque Sunburst show us how by teaming up with fellow Italians and label friends XCPT for a friendly soundclash, pitching the Sunburst boys Big Hands & Soreab against Nothus and Delikwe from XCPT along with NRSLD on the upcoming ‘Marmo‘ EP.

The vinyl-only cut displays everything we’ve come to love about Baroque Sunburst, and shows off what makes XCPT records so immediately desirable — warped fragments of dub collide with pitiless half-time, crammed with infectious twists, turns, and evolving rhythms that toy with notions of polyrhythms in their darkest corners, all wrapped up in a custom-print half-length sleeve.

There’s barely a moment on this record that doesn’t set the hairs on end — even Delikwe’s “ambient” closer carries a fair load of cosmic dread — but from the four tracks we’ve set our hearts on Big Hands & Soreab’s collaboration. The pair’s individual nuance for beat and rhythm merge together into a holy mess of frigid drum and bass, totally centred until the staccato plucks of electrifying synths rejoin the ensemble for the hair-raising end. If you’ve ever danced eyes-closed in a dark room, you’ll feel the pulse riding through this track, or you are perhaps missing one of your own.

‘Marmo’ EP is scheduled for release 7 February via Baroque Sunburst & XCPT. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Nothus & Big Hands – Splugen Bass
2. Soreab & KRSLD – Butoh
3. Big Hands & Soreab – FC Ladub
4. Delikwe – Fibra Cosmica