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Premiere: Hermeth – 170

Hermeth’s been one of our ones to watch for a pretty significant run of time now, and it’s great to see the artist taking wing from his roost of Geneva’s Brainwaves to land on Jupiter4, who grab 5 tracks for ‘This Is Hardcore‘ EP.

The EP, a typically crazy venture for both Hermeth and Jupiter 4, catches Hermeth pushing his most out-there, most outrageous sounds, fusing big, fuck-off basslines with percussion snatched from just about every genre that makes you move — from breakbeat to trap to variations drawn from ‘UK bass’, Hermeth’s passion for the furious dancefloor wreckers makes itself very present on each track, evoking imagined memories of 90’s rave mayhem in the same instant as dark halls filled with techno and electro.

We’re not drawing prizes for guessing the pace on ‘170‘ – if you’re in any way familiar with Jupiter4’s past output from Jensen Interceptor or Dagga, you’ll know the kind of track that lies in wait. Punchy and tough, ‘170‘ spreads from breaky beginnings to a swaggering attack, dropping the acid lines scattered over the rest of EP to build on a warped metal-esque riff. Whenever the energy approaches being too much, Hermeth flips the script, casting the track down a different avenue, keeping DJ’s and ravers alike on their toes.

‘This Is Hardcore’ is scheduled for release 15 February via Jupiter4. Order a copy from Bandcamp.  


1. Mandelectroeiv
2. Wait What
3. 170
4. 94mmc
5. Hammer Lean