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Premiere: Borderlandstate_The Best Kisser In LA – RIE/INO

Pseudonym Records lineup their debut release ‘Corporeal Vol.1‘ – a four-track VA featuring Syz, Vina Konda, Borderlandstate and Slacker – covering breaks-infested techno cuts and D&B-adjacent mayhem.

Borderlandstate_The Best Kisser In LA’s track, ‘RIE/INO‘ is our pick of the bunch. The artist, who has released on Exit Records and Tobago Tracks, showcases a fluidity in approach here by building a heavily glitched half-time piece, that sits outside of the main thoroughfare of drum and bass whilst retaining an innate versatility.

Deeply entrenched in a bank of smoke, ‘RIE/INO’ gains a steadiness throughout, moving through wooziness to a shakey confidence across the speedy 4-minute endeavour. As the breakbeat elements emerge from the haze, the fogged ambience grows thicker, swirling around the gradually extending patterns in increasing intensity.

‘Corporeal Vol. 1’ is scheduled for release 30 October via Pseudonym Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Syz – Metafauna
2. Vina Konda – Stellar Cell Forge
3. Borderlandstate_The Best Kisser In LA – RIE/INO
4. Slacker – Active Dreams