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Premiere: Henry Greenleaf – Pass Up

Berlin-based record label ARTS presents a searing sonic journey in the form of ‘Caught’, a four-tracker from UK bass-specialist Henry Greenleaf.

ARTS have always found ways to select unique voices to add to their sprawling catalogue; but the addition of Greenleaf seemed like a destined pairing, as his impressive sound-design skills and evocative play with sub-bass is a perfect match to the expanse that occupies the cacophonous pull of the ARTS stable.

With Caught, Greenleaf adds to his burgeoning legacy with a rousing set of tunes – four tracks that embolden his progression from earlier releases on his Par Avion imprint whilst expanding the soundscapes for not only bassheads but lovers of auditory complexities – with the highlight on this release being today’s premiere, “Pass Up“.

There aren’t really many words to convey here to sell the track; rather than the first time you’ll hear it, you might make several faces that result in awe, delight, surprise and satisfaction. There’s a bevy of emotions that “Pass Up” stirs that are yet to be named, and just you wait until the drop hits, because that’s only the beginning of what strings are to be plucked audibly for you to bear. Check it out for yourself and see what it gets out of you.

‘Caught’ is scheduled for release 19 October via ARTS. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Caught
2. Pass Up
3. Sign Replacement
4. Formula