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Premiere: Clouds – Flotation Advice

Tonight marks a thrilling end to 2016 with Electric Deluxe Warehouse Editions taking place in Amsterdam; a relentlessly visceral lineup that includes the likes of Speedy J, Shifted, Dax, J, Vril and many more surprises as well.

However, we here at Inverted Audio took a peek at the lineup and thought that the Scottish techno duo Clouds was notable – not just for their terrifically bombastic take on half-breed mutated junglist techno, but for the fact that their new release – HTID: Heaven-sent Tekno Impakting Dancefloors, or Hardcore Till I Die – is out today and has some threshing vibes to boot.

That’s why we’re premiering “Floatation Advice” from this double-EP – it’s a reminder that this duo will never stay in one place, never put out something boring and will keep experimenting and pumping out tunes at a premium for our pleasure.


A1. Base Damage
A2. Dinner At Skinja’s
B1. Fallout
B2. Floatation Advice
C1. Knuckles’ Heavy Vanguard
C2. Panosonics
D1. Quest Posse Wanted
D2. Rush In 2 Orbit (Skinnergate)

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