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Premiere: Confluence – Ebb & Flow

Avoidant is a new electro-focused label operated by Soma, the Glaswegian institution founded by Slam in the early nineties. Last appearing on the label’s excellent ‘Defend Your Planet‘ compilation, Confluence returns with his second full release for the label following last year’s ‘Shed‘ EP.

Although the Russian producer is a relatively recent convert to electro congregation, he’s quickly cultivated a mature and hard-hitting sound. Across Cognitive Dissonance, he also demonstrates his versatility as a producer through four quite different strains of electro, from the historically conscious ‘Virtual World’ to the digital funk of the EP’s title track.

Our pick is ‘Ebb & Flow’, seething with boss level urgency as heaving synths and piercing melodic lines give this one some real peak time potential. Propulsive and unrelenting, it’s a fine example of breaks driven electro, a snapshot of a producer fine-tuning his sound.

‘Cognitive Dissonance’ is scheduled for release 12 February. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Cognitive Dissonance
2. Ebb & Flow
3. Morphine
4. Virtual World