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Premiere: Maroki – Hatchi

Handy is as handy does. Creativity in abundance and a dispersal of pristine talent into fresh territories is the Soup of the day, and I know for a fact that these guys can also make a sublime starter. Growing from the perpetually in-demand Pointless Illustrations into a worldwide clothing brand and radio show has been made to look all too easy, and naturally the next area of domination has been designated as their own label.

For the inaugural Handy Records release they draw on the inherent powers within, as their über talented associate Maroki uses the additional outlet to the fullest extent. The 5-track ‘Hatchi‘ EP is a prodigious dancefloor monster, containing 3 original Maroki brews as well as 2 unbounded flips from the ever-impressive 1800-GIRLS and the Aussie electro-tycoon Jensen Interceptor. The theme of versatility is yet to dwindle at the Handy headquarters, and in pushing all the right mechanical buttons this EP has in turn positively pushed ours.

The title track ‘Hatchi’ is our main focus, an acid driven stomper abridging the muddied gap between electro and house. The design is infectious, perpetually waxing and waning with the necessary force of a killer anthem. Soothing underlying keys give the breakdown a pensive propensity, dissecting the momentum for a brief idyll and then reinforcing the sweeping nature of the track in an explosive return.

It’s clearly fair to say that Handy hit hard in whatever field they infiltrate. The introduction to a new venture has to tick boxes and reach harkened ears, but there’s no doubt here of the potential and gravitas of this ambitious conglomerate.

‘Hatchi’ EP is scheduled for release 5 February via Handy. Order a copy from Juno.


1. Taff Trails
2. Taff Trails” (1-800 Girls Remix)
3. Special
4. Hatchi
5. Hatchi (Jensen Interceptor Remix)