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Premiere: CORE – Proxima B

Like any artistic process, music-making goes hand in hand with a mysterious aura, and one has to accept the intrusion of chance as an essential factor, sometimes a game-changing one. Even after years of practice, and may you have a well-furnished catalogue or the most solid of reputation, the ‘Eureka!’ moment is nothing to be calculated, nor does it answer to the laws of logic or perseverance. The click may intervene when you expect it the least, when the slope is too steep to figure an horizon beyond its ridge line, when inspiration oddly seems to vanish as you tighten the grip around its elusive shapes.

This is pretty much the story behind Daniel Kyo’s debut effort as CORE, coming out on 12th March via Hivern Discs. Back during the making of ‘Galaxy‘, Kyo suddenly stood up and felt it – he had accomplished what he had been after for months, eager to reinvent himself and write a new page in his career. Not an easy step or small move, ‘Galaxy‘ opens new routes and directions for the Valencian producer, beautifully merging his influences and pathways in one enrapturing platter.

Taken from this free-spirited first offering, we’re proud to present the trance-inducing ‘Proxima B‘ – a track that encapsulates CORE’s essential traits and much more than that. Undeniably succeeding in entrenching the “outer space feeling” he was looking to explore with this EP, ‘Proxima B‘ is an upscale techno roller tailored for big rooms and high-pressure climaxes. Dashing across stellar winds and chaotic moonscapes at full-throttle, the track flares up halfway in and ends up leaving wisps of vapour in its trail. Clearly focused on setting the dancefloor ablaze yet finely balancing the track’s overheating power by delicately textured elements and dreamy sequences, Kyo dishes out a serious treat of a cosmo-telluric belter. Valencian techno revivalists take note.

Galaxy is out now via Hivern Discs, order a copy from Juno.


A1. Galaxy
A2. Air
B1. Moon
B2. Proxima B

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