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Premiere: Crave – Head Or Tail

A highly dynamic, daring and equally productive mind, Parisian producer Jonathan Zion has been around pushing the boundaries between genres and schools for exactly as long as he’s been publishing music. Hidden under multiple aliases – Dose, Jonny Teardrop, Lieu Noir – the Frenchman’s been laying the foundations to a body of work both unerringly dark and anxiety-inducing, taken to a higher level through his work as Crave, including his most excellent ‘Loco‘ EP for Mind Records.

It’s with some big news that Jonathan puts on his Crave guise again, all set to drop the debut instalment of his newborn imprint, All Dogs. First extract lifted from the two-track ‘Joy Ride‘ EP out today, we’re proud to present the A-side ‘Head Or Tail‘ – a straight out nasty, razor-sharp salvo of laser precise trap rhythms, aggro punk shouts and venomous melodics, sure to have the basement go “whoosh” like a powder keg without further ado. Gutsy, hardcore-inflected burner all the way.

Head below to watch the full video for the track, shot and directed by London-based artist Margaux Esclapez. A one-way ticket to the smouldering inferno of dodgy Californian districts at night, the short film has us swimming in deadly, murky waters as the scenario of a vendetta unfolds through a spinning corolla of sophisticatedly lighted scenes not unlike that of Gaspar Noé’s cinematography. Hold your breath, close your eyes, release: death-dealing trip is on.

Joy Ride EP is out now, order a copy from Bandcamp. Artwork by Ibis Hospital.


1. Head Or Tail
2. Joy Ride

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