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Killekill Summer Camp 2019

Taking place at Griessmuehle throughout July and August, Killekill Summer Camp is a mid-week series of events organised by an assemblage of Berlin and London-based institutions. Each given the unique opportunity to present their ideal lineup, all set within the raw and industrial environment of Griessmuehle.

Inverted Audio will take control of the suitably focussed Silo room on Wednesday 10 July to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary, featuring genre bending deejay sets from Kassem Mosse, Low Jack, Antepop and Elise.

Other events include showcases from Ismus x Jaded, FOLD x Universe Of Tang, Jerome Hill’s record label Don’t, Berlin-based record label Horo, Altar Of NYX , Unbound Events x The29Nov. Headliners include Paula Temple, SNTS, Voiski, Pinch B2B Kahn, Stephanie Sykes, Ancestral Voices, SØS Gunver Ryberg, Cursor Minor, S Ruston and Voicedrone.

Below we have listed each event in chronological order with links to buy tickets in advance and to RSVP on Facebook. We hope to see you on Wednesday 10 July for 10 Years of Inverted Audio.

3 July – Ismus x Jaded: Stephanie Sykes, Chris Stanford, DJ IBON, DYEN

10 July – 10 Years of Inverted Audio: Kassem Mosse, Low Jack, Antepop, Elise

17 July – Don’t Takeover: Jerome Hill, Tobias Schmidt (live), Cursor Miner (live), Ben Pest

31 July – Horo: SNTS, Ancestral Voices, Grebenstein (live), Korse

7 August – FOLD x Universe of Tang: Pinch b2b Kahn, Voicedrone, Ntalia, Tamypro, Aoife, Captain Wap

14 August – Altar of NYX: Kareem, Restive Plaggona (live), Philipp Strobel b2b The Brvtalist, Rangelova

21 August – Unbound Events x The29nov: Voiski (live), Sebastian Kökow, DJ Paramedic b2b Dr. Blowfin

28 August – Ismus x Raw: Tim Tama and Peryl

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