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Premiere: Unknown Mobile – Looping Truths And Expectations

Getting a call from an unknown mobile may bother, especially late at night, but getting a call from Unknown Mobile is a whole other story. When the first may add to the pile of contrarieties sweeped along any casual day, the latter sure feels like the perfect remedy to your buzzing headaches and roughshod ridden feelings.

Hot on the heels of his fresh-off-the-oven latest, ‘Clocktower‘ EP for Sounds Of Beaubien Ouest, Levi Bruce returns with his second personal album and debut LP for Vancouver’s ever compelling Pacific Rhythm, carrier of some of the lushest transmissions to have broadcast from the Canadian Riviera in recent years.

Lifted from this much versatile and finely arranged collection of laxed-out grooves and soothing, otherworldly atmospherics, the shimmeringly coloured ‘Looping Truths And Expectations‘ is one capable of both pausing the madness around us for a second and slashing a path of light out the darkest night. Dishing out a solid mix of chimey, positively-charged electronics to refill our busy organisms’ lo batteries, this, is music made with love, that radiates away just as lovingly. Graceful.

‘Daucile Moon’ LP is scheduled for release 14 July via Pacific Rhythm in cassette and digital formats. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Medicine Man
A2. Ravers Sojourn
A3. A Windles March Ouest Ft. CFCF
A4. Simone Can’t Swim
B1. Resting in Jupiter’s Garden
B2. Oenology Ft. CFCF
B3. Looping Truths And Expectations
B4. Copper Bird Bath FT. CFCF

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